ZoulFit Ventilated Weight Lifting, Workout, Pull ups, Training Gloves, for Men & Women. Built Wrist Wraps, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip. Bonus: Mesh Carrying Bag, Protein Cup & Lock.

ZoulFit Ventilated Weight Lifting, Workout, Pull ups, Training Gloves, for Men & Women. Built Wrist Wraps, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip. Bonus: Mesh Carrying Bag, Protein Cup & Lock.

  • ✔️ONE SET OF TRAINING GLOVES for all your fitness training needs. Crossfit gloves, pull ups, power lifting, wods, chalk weightlifting gloves, bench press, kettlebells, cross training gloves all in one set. Great for pullups & cardio machines as well. Gloves for women and gloves for men – you choose! These lift tape resistance wrist wrap straps gloves will protect you right through your workout.
  • ✔️4 REASONS FOR BUYING ZOULFIT GLOVES: 1. Avoid Calluses Blister – Using our gloves will eliminate pressure and friction from weights and kettlebells to avoid this unsightly problem. 2. Ventilated – Sweaty hands won’t get a good grip. 3. Better Form – When you are confident the weight anti slip, you can load up weights for a better workout 4. Hygiene Just Think of how many people have touched the equipment before you. Avoid touching those nasty surfaces and keep healthy.
  • ✔️A SAFE & COMFORTABLE WORKOUT- We don’t have to tell you that holding onto heavy dumbbells or barbells can be tough especially when your hands get sweaty. The palm area on our lifting gloves is constructed with a unique thick honeycomb, silicone padding specifically designed to give you extra grip and extra comfort. The neoprene strength, wrist support fitness, breathable material will keep sweat away from your hands.
  • ✔️ADD KIT & SHOES AND YOU’RE READY TO GO because we are pampering you with THREE quality bonuses to make your trip to the gym as easy and enjoyable as possible. A protein shaker bottle so your protein drink is ready to go when you need it, a gym locker lock so you can protect your stuff and concentrate on the workout and a mesh bag for the dirty workout clothes.
  • ✔️BUY NOW and enjoy the best, most comfortable workout gloves ever! Beginner or advanced you have to have the best gloves possible but hurry so that you can enjoy our 3 great bonuses which we are offering for a limited time only. This is a no-risk purchase. If you are unhappy in any way you can return within 30-days for a full refund.

This is Liam from Zoulfit. I am a professional cross trainer coach with many years of experience in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Most of my days are spent either training people in the gym or working with clients in their homes. Regardless of their level, beginner or advanced, I don’t care what they wear as long as they are comfortable but Iinsiston complete protection of the hands with appropriate gloves.

“OK Liam, so what are appropriate gloves?” you may ask. I use only Zoulfit workout gloves! Why? Because, yes, to blow my own horn, I designed them! That may sound a bit egotistical but I have based them on many, many years of experience with thousands of clients and I really DO know what I’m talking about.

So why Zoulfit?
* They are the perfect unisex fit for men or women due to the adjustable Velcro closure method
* They are made of neoprene – a breathable material which prevents sweating thus avoiding calluses (also prevents smelly glove syndrome)
* They have a non-slip exterior for extra safety
* They have wrap around wrist support for best protection when lifting weights, doing press ups, pull ups or any exercise where the wrist is an essential component
* The unique, thick honeycomb silicone padding supports and protects the palm with greater shock absorption whether you are lifting weights, doing floor exercises or doing cardio on machines i.e. rowing machines, elliptical, etc. for a non-slip, extra comfortable grip

My motto is less pain – more gain! (Not really but it sounds good).

In short, in my not so humble opinion, if you want an efficient workout to build strength and endurance while minimizing the risk of injury you have to have these gloves!

Don’t waste another moment where you could potentially injure your hand. Buy Now… This is a risk free purchase. If you are not happy in any way just return for a full refund.

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