YISSVIC Emergency Survival Kits Professional Outdoor Emergency Survival Tools Set 13 in 1 for Outdoor Travel Hiking

YISSVIC Emergency Survival Kits Professional Outdoor Emergency Survival Tools Set 13 in 1 for Outdoor Travel Hiking

  • 【13 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit】This all in one survival kit contains everything that any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need. Includes: wire saw, signal mirror, upgrade compass, flint stone, scraper, flashlight, pen, whistle, mini light, emergency blanket and black box.
  • 【Lightweight & Convenient】Most survival kit are made of Stainless Steel. No Rust, Durable. Most Tools can use alone too. Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition. Dimensions is 6.4 x 4.2 x 1.8 inch ( 16.2 x 10.6 x 4.5 cm) and Weight only 1 pounds. Portable tool case, filled with sponge, waterproof and Shockproof. So easy to carry, can be placed in a backpack , cars, hiking or camping gear.
  • 【Multi-Purpose】A pen is prepared for breaking auto clips in an emergency, can also be used for self defense and normal writing. The wire saw 360 degree swivel points for easy handling, Can be used for cutting wood (no more than 3 inches), plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal.
  • 【More Safety & Practical】Upgrade compass: features 360 degree rotating bezel. The signal mirror suitable for field long-distance communication, send reflective signal. The whistle that made by Aluminum Alloy generates sound as loud as 120db, Double Tube with high frequency design can be heard from far distance, help you easier to be found by rescuers.
  • 【Perfect Gift】It’s necessary for us when camping, hiking, hunting, biking, climbing, traveling, adventures, survival and in emergency situation. Great gift for outdoor adventurers, military personnel, campers, hikers, hunters or even constant travelers.

1 x Wire Saw-Using saw to make a flexible knot on cutting object, place both thumb on either side of the ring, do v-shaped incision back and forth pulling

1 x Signal Mirror-Outdoor micro signal mirror lightweight survival emergency rescue signaling

1 x Compass-Compass of military grade, features 360 degree rotating bezel for easy navigation & orienteering

1 x Flint Stones-Made from magnesium and iron, 5000-12000 times to flint fire

1 x Scraper-Will produce extreme sparks from any ferro rod. Made from super durable carbon steel. Includes concave serrated end, hex wrench, bottle opener and ruler

1 x Flashlight-Compact handheld flashlights, zoom in for an intense beam or out for wider illumination

1 x Unique Swiss Card-11 Functions:Can opener, bottle cap opener, 4-position wrench, 2-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, direction ancillary wrench, screwdriver, saw blade, ruler, key chain hole

1 x Survival Pen-Made from tungsten steel for superior strength & portability, break a window/ glass, escape in an emergency situation

1 x Whistle-Made of aluminum alloy to provide premium quality, durability and longevity, can be heard for far distance

1 x Mini Light-Use to take a quick look at anything up close. Comes with the battery button included and keychain for convenient carrying

1 x Emergency Blanket-Essential for preventing hypothermia as they retain 90% of body heat. They can also be used as a signal, to make a shelter, or as an extra layer in cold weather

1 x Black Case-Waterproof and shockproof can keep the tools in a safety situation durable and stable. Light weight will not add much heavy on your journey

UST Find-Me Signal Mirror, 4.5 x 2.75-Inch
UST Find-Me Signal Mirror, 4.5 x 2.75-Inch

  • Ultralight signal mirror for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness
  • Made of durable acrylic; virtually unbreakable
  • Measures 4.5 x 2.75 x 0.1 inches and weighs 0.6 ounces
  • Backed by a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

A classic tool for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness, the lightweight UST Find-Me Signal Mirror is made of durable acrylic and is virtually indestructible. In addition to emergency signaling, it’s handy for personal grooming as well. The mirror has a breakaway lanyard for convenient attachment to gear. It measures 4.5 x 2.75 x 0.1 inches and weighs 0.6 ounces. It’s backed by a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

UST Brands has been manufacturing camping, survival, personal safety, and emergency preparedness equipment for over 80 years, including innovative LED lights, all-weather fire starters, premium outdoor cutting tools, camp kitchen products, first aid kits, unbreakable signal mirrors, and more.

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