Uncle Flint’s Large Snare Trap

Uncle Flint’s Large Snare Trap

  • These Snare Traps are a fast action snare that is excellent for catching small game. These kits come with salt to bait the animals and instructions. Remember trapping is not legal in most states so be sure to check your local laws. See below for descriptions on the various sizes. Our snare kits are proudly made in the USA.

Large Snare Trap – 42″ x 5/64″ This snare is made with 42 inches of 5/64″ diameter 7×7 stranded galvanized aircraft cable, small micro lock, universal support collar and 9 gauge rectangular wire swivel. The heavy rectangular wire swivel is sometimes called the anchor point or anchor connector. The snare also comes with some salt packed in a watertight tube that can be used as bait PLUS a diagram and instruction sheet. Optional clamp-on deer stop included in the package. Packaged in a heavy duty zip lock poly bag. Trapping is not legal in most states. Please check your local laws and also please see our Expanded Legal Disclaimer and Product Warning section. Made in USA.

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