The Ultimate Camping Lantern By Opteka | Ultra Luminous LED Lantern With 4 Light Modes | Durable 12800mAh Battery Power & Waterproof Construction With USB | Ideal For Hiking, Hunting Or Emergencies

The Ultimate Camping Lantern By Opteka | Ultra Luminous LED Lantern With 4 Light Modes | Durable 12800mAh Battery Power & Waterproof Construction With USB | Ideal For Hiking, Hunting Or Emergencies

  • SUPER BRIGHT CAMP LANTERN WITH 4 LIGHT MODES: If you are looking for the best camping companion that will shed light to any dark place, then we got something for you. Our extremely luminous 4W LED lantern that has 4 different light modes. The low mode, 200 Lumens will last about 118 hours, the medium mode, 280 Lumens will last around 105 hours and the high one, 440 Lumens for extra luminous light that will last approximately 34 hours. Use the SOS strobe in case of emergency.
  • BUILT IN 12800MAH LITHIUM BATTERY BANK & CHARGE STATION: We here at Opteka, have designed this multi functional lantern to be 2 in 1 and serve its purpose to the fullest. Besides emitting bright light when you need it, it also bears a powerful power bank charger. It charges via a 5V/1.5A USB input and you can charge your device, either phone or tablet and camera via a 5V/2.1A USB output! Along with the lantern you will be getting the micro USB charging cable as well! Pure perfection, right?
  • WATERPROOF & WEATHERPROOF ROBUST LED LIGHT LANTERN: Upon designing this black and orange camping lamp we thought about how we could make this product as useful as possible. That is why we made it extremely resilient to various weather conditions. So if you are hiking and it starts to rain, do not worry cause this lantern is waterproof. Try now this bright LED lantern and check its impressive water resistance level of IP65 everywhere you go!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE LED LANTERN WITH RETRACTABLE HOOK: If you simply hate bulky and difficult to carry things while fishing or camping, then we got you covered. Our powerful LED lantern is designed to have a strong and sturdy body, but not a bulky one. Being lightweight and easily portable, you may rest assured that it will fit perfectly wherever you place it both indoors and outdoors. Its retractable hook is perfect for hanging it from trees, tents or your backpack!
  • MULTIPURPOSAL RECHARGEABLE LATERN WITH 1 YEAR WARRANTY: This durable and robust camping lantern can be used everywhere you go. Is is camping in the woods, hiking with friends, fishing with buddies, hunting or boating? You name it and our bright lantern will be there for you. It works as a household emergency back-up just in case you ever need one! It is CE ROHS certified and comes with 1 year warranty just in case you have any issues with it!

You Just Got Yourself The Ultimate Luminous Camping Companion Lantern!

Do you love camping with the family? Does as overnight beach excursion sound like a great idea? Do you own a boat and you love spending time on it cruising around?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then what’s missing is our excursion LED lantern. Keep an extra one in the car trunk to be always protected!

Ultra Bright LED Lantern For Shining Performances Everywhere You Are

Our portable LED lantern has a 12800mAh lithium battery that is fully rechargeable. The battery has a long longevity so you will actually forget that you have to recharge it at some point.

Its light power is 4W and it will offer you as much light as you want by regulating its 4 light modes. Choose among low, medium, high and SOS. It’s all up to you!

LED Camp Lantern With USB For Phone & Camera Charging In The Middle Of Nowhere

The lantern’s 5V/2.1A USB output will quickly charge your iPhone or tablet no matter where you are. Deep in the jungle or sailing in the ocean.

Being waterproof and weather resistant this lantern will facilitate your traveling from day one! Do not compromise with nothing less that the most durable and brilliant lantern.

What are you waiting for? Get your Opteka today and off you go to the next camping adventure!

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