The U.S. Army Survival Pack Reviews

The U.S. Army Survival Pack

Soldiering in all terrains and climates, the U.S. Army has mastered the skills and tactics necessary for overcoming some of the toughest situations imaginable. While few of us civilians will ever have to endure such rigorous tests of our survival skills, that doesn t mean we still can t benefit from American military know-how. The U.S. Army Survival Pack is loaded with essential gear perfect for campers, hunters, hikers, and others who love the great outdoors and its rugged challenges. It includes a one-quart canteen in a lined pouch that fastens easily on a belt; a combination compass-whistle that can help you find your location and alert others; waterproof matches useful in inclement conditions; a pocket-sized emergency blanket and hand warmer; and a handy storage pouch for all of your kits components. Also included is the official U.S. Army Survival Manual, originally commissioned by the Department of the Army to train Special Forces. This indispensible field reference shows you how to tie knots, create shelter in unforgiving environments, perform critical first aid for medical emergencies outdoors, indentify common snakes and edible poisonous plants, predict the weather based on cloud patterns, and many other survival basics. Whether you re a serious outdoorsman or just a recreational daytripper, you ll find the U.S. Army Survival Pack a reassuring and instructive resource for how to get by in the wild.

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