TECH-P 16-in-1 Water Resistant Survival Tactical Emergency Watch Bracelet Hiking Camping Kit-Black

TECH-P 16-in-1 Water Resistant Survival Tactical Emergency Watch Bracelet Hiking Camping Kit-Black

  • 16-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Start a fire in SECONDS. Thermometer. Compass. Whistle to call for help when there is no cell phone signal. Hunt for food using the fishing hooks and use the paracord to set up temporary shelter or make a rappelling cord. Carries all the vitals of what you need in an emergency situation.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY & HAND-WOVEN & WATER-RESISTANT- Made from over 12 ft. 550-lb. Military Grade Nylon Paracord! This watch runs 10 inches in length around your wrist and is large.Our survival watch is made to rest comfortably on your wrist.
  • BEST ALL-INCLUSIVE SURVIVAL WATCH AVAILABLE. No other watch has a 16-in-1 tool functionality that includes all the tools we include.
  • WATERPROOF COMPASS PLUS THERMOMETER – Build-in compass feature provides easy safety for navigation with your travelling plus Thermometer
  • COOL LOOKING GREAT FOR CAMPING, FISHING, CLIMBING AND OTHER OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: You will feel much more secure knowing that you have emergency tools when you need it.

TECH-P® 16-in-1 Water Resistant Survival Tactical Emergency Watch Bracelet-Your Best Outdoor Choice!

How do you set an animal trap when you are lost and starving in the woods with nothing but the clothes on your back? If you happen to be wearing a TECH-P® paracord Watch bracelet, you are in luck!

These attractive bracelets are the smartest way to carry around 9 to 10 feet of 550 gauge parachute cord, one of the most useful cord types in existence.

Lightweight and yet strong enough for a variety of purposes, from replacing a shoelace to rigging a bow and arrow, parachute cord is the cord of choice for survivalists, hunters, and campers, not to mention those who just like that rugged outdoorsy look.

Item Descriptions:

The bracelet is measured 10 inch in length with side release buckle strap;
Length when fully deployed is 3 Meters or 9.8 Feet;
Made from high quality Heavy Duty Military spec 7 Strand 550 lb Paracord;
Equipped with watch,Thermometer. Compass. Whistle .Fire Starter, Fire Striker and fishing accessories.

Here are some of the things you can do with it:

Create fishing lines, Binding rafts or make a makeshift shelter;
Use it for Tourniquet, Gear repair, make a landyard or lash cargos;
Start a fire even when wet, use compass to navigate, use the whistle to call for help or scare animals away.

TECH-P® Retail Package Include:

1 Pack of TECH-P 550Lb Paracord Watch bracelet
With Fire Starter, Fire Scraper, Thermometer,Compass and Whistle.
Come with a good quality gift box.

About TECH-P®:

TECH-P® is registered US brand with trademark Registration Number: 86724780. This product is sold exclusively by TECH-P® INC. We promise to offer good quality products to make you satisfied. We make every effort to provide quality services. Not satisfied? Please don’t worry, return of money is 100% guaranteed!

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