Survival Kit Gear 14-in-1 by Ronin | Emergency SOS Tools For Camping Fishing Hunting Hiking | Safe Exploring | Equipment as Knife Compass Flashlight Mirror Tourniquet Blanket Whistle Flint Included

Survival Kit Gear 14-in-1 by Ronin | Emergency SOS Tools For Camping Fishing Hunting Hiking | Safe Exploring | Equipment as Knife Compass Flashlight Mirror Tourniquet Blanket Whistle Flint Included

  • 【KEEP SAFE】 Our Emergency 14 in 1 Kit is Lightweight And Durable, Tools Are Careful Selected, Crafted And Tasted By Professional Climbers And Firefighters To Help You Deal With The Most Challenging Situation And Overcome Them. This Multi-Function Set Is a Great Disaster Kit In Case Of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Floods, Winter Storms. Can Save Your Life For the Cost Of a Pizza. Being Compact Makes It Easy To Carry On The Bike, Motorcycle, Boat or Car.
  • 【MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY】 By Offering This Practical And Important Piece Of Equipment As a GIFT, Protect The People You Care And Love By Inform And Educate Them Using This Kit. It`s Your Duty to Teach Your Kids, Nieces or Nephews, Granddaughters Or Grandsons Survival Skills Or How To Prepare For Emergencies Or Natural Disasters. This Survival Case Is Suitable Both For Boys and Girls. Using this Kit Can Learning Be Fun And Educational.
  • 【VALUE BOX 】Containing 14 Quality Items As Stainless Steel Tactical Knife, Can Cut Very Fast The Seatbelt and Break The Window If necessary, LED Flashlight – 3 Modes, Brightness Switched By a Touch Of a Button, Tourniquet To Stop Bleeding Fist Aid Must, Loud Whistle And Emergency Mirror To Signal For Help, a Multitool Swiss Card 11 functions: Can and Bottle Opener, Screwdriver , Improved Wire Saw With 2 Loops For Better Grip, Fire Starter To Have Fire And Warm When You Need, Reliable Compass.
  • 【FREEDOM TO EXPLORE】 And To Be Safe In Every Situation, This Emergency Gear Tools Are Must To Have In Your Car, Boat Or Any Trekking, Camping, Hunting Trip Or Any Other Outdoor Activity, Our Rescue Kit Is an Reliable Friend In The Cold, Heat, Dark Or In The Wilderness. It Can Help You Build Shelter Keep You Away From Elements, Protect You From Sun And Rain, Use To Make Fire And Stay Warm. The Practical Design and Lightweight Makes It Easy To Carry In Backpack In All The Adventures.
  • 【COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT】 This Survival Kit Can Be Fitted In Every Backpack, Car, Boat, Fishing Case And Ready For When You Need it. If This Emergency Tools Are Not Fully Satisfy You Or You Need More Information Or Instructions We Would Love To Hear Your Opinion. You Can Contact Us By E-mail And We Will Reply As Soon As Possible. The Dimensions Of Our Professional Survival Gear Are 4.1×1.8×6.3 inches. The Entire Box Weighs Only 1.1 pounds. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee !


1. Tactical Knife – Every Kit Starts With a Reliable Knife, We Offer a Stainless Steel 8 Inches Knife, Cuts Seatbelt Fast and Has a Glass Breaker Tip in Case of Emergency,

2. Compass-Glows in the Dark, Fluorescence Dial, 360 Degree Rotating Bezel For Easy Orientation and Navigation,

3. Tactical Flashlight – Ultra Bright, Lightweight and Compact with 3 levels High, Low and Pulse or Distress (S.O.S.) required 1 AA battery,

4. Tourniquet Quick Release, Must Have in Your Car On The Mountain, Home or in Disaster Preparedness scenarios. Easy to Operate With One Hand,

5. MultiTool Card11 Functions Wrench, Screwdriver, Can And Bottle Opener, Credit Card-Sized Saber, Swiss Card Comes in a Black Case,

6. “S” Binder Carabiner Great for Travel Backpack, Keychain, Can Hold Water Bottle, Secure Closure, Highly Durable Fiberglass,

7. Emergency Thermal Blanket – Retain 90% Body Heat, Protect You From Hypothermia In Extreme Situations,

8. Flint – Magnesium, Ferro Rod, Fire Starter, Good For 10,000 Ignitions,

9. Scarper – For Striking The Flint, Open a Beer or Use As a Ruler,

10.Waterproof Case – Compact Made From Hard Plastic, Waterproof and Shockproof Resists in Extreme Weather,

11.Reflective Mirror – Can Signal 15 miles, Very Valuable Tool For Daytime Signaling, Can Be Used With a Full Moon, for Camping, Hunting, Skiing,

12.Whistle Loud, For Wild Animals or to Signal for Help, Made From Aluminium Alloy Works in Any Types of Weather,

13.Bottle Holder – Easy to Attach The Water Bottle, Hands Free,

14.Wire Saw – For Building Shelter,Making Fire Cuts Rubber, Bones, Plastic, Aluminium.


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