Survival Kit 11 Tools Professional Emergency Survival Gear Kits with Compass Fire Starter Whistle Survival Knife LED Flashlight Tactical Defense Pen Foil Blanket For EDC Hiking Hunting Bug Out Bag

Survival Kit 11 Tools Professional Emergency Survival Gear Kits with Compass Fire Starter Whistle Survival Knife LED Flashlight Tactical Defense Pen Foil Blanket For EDC Hiking Hunting Bug Out Bag

  • ALL IN ONE SURVIVAL KIT FOR EXTREME OUTDOOR ADVENTURE AND EMERGENCY This all in one survival kit contains everything that any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need. Includes emergency foil blanket, fire starter, striker, compass, swiss multi-use card, LED flashlight, whistle, folding knife, self defense tactical pen, key-ring wire saw and water tight sealing black box
  • MULTIPLE PRACTICAL ITEMS FOR YOUR SURVIVAL – magnesium fire starter & Striker, emergency sharp folding knife Black cold steel blade and black aluminum handle. Durable large Luminous Compass of military grade. Foil Thermal Blankets are essential for preventing hypothermia as they retain 90% of body heat; They can also be used to signal search teams, to make a tent rain shelter, sun shield or as an extra warm layer in cold weather.
  • SELF DEFENSE PEN FOR WRITING AND BREAKING CAR GLASS IN EMERGENCY – tactical pen has a sharp tip for breaking car glass or can be used for personal protection in an emergency. LOUD WHISTLE – made from Aluminum Alloy generates sound as loud as 120db, Double Tube with high frequency design can be heard from long distances, so you can be located by Search And Rescue Teams.
  • SMALL LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE AND WATERPROOF CARRY CASE FOR GEAR BAG, BACKPACK, GO BAG, SPLIT KIT, GLOVEBOX – The dimensions of our professional survival gear is 4″ x 2″ x 6″ INCH. The entire box weighs only 1 LB pound This makes the ultimate survival tool kit compact enough to fit in your backpack truck car glove box or motorcycle bags.
  • PERFECT GIFT – for your friends and loved ones that enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, canoing and outdoor adventures. Provides peace of mind in survival and in emergency survival situations. Scouts, preppers, hunters, explorers and SAR Teams would find this a cool gift. Give your friends and loved ones the chance to survive when hiking and camping or orienteering.

nTelithings Survival kit- Anyone can find themselves in an unexpected emergency situation. In the woods or trapped in your vehicle or fishing, hunting, camping, hiking or even at home or school. The nTelithings survival tools box has the necessary tools for urban emergencies and wild adventure survival. Small light weight and portable it won’t add much to your backpack. If you find yourself lost or in trouble these Multi-functional tools can help you stay alive until rescue arrives. Take a look at these multi-purpose survival emergency items- – Carry Case Weather Resistant Water Tight ABS Plastic Foam Padded all items fit in this tiny 4″ x 2″ x 6″ INCH box. Room to add additional items – Upgraded Large Brass Compass for easy navigation & orienteering – Credit Card Size Multi Tool easily to fits inside your wallet – Wire Saw used for cutting wood for kindling to get your fire going – Reusable Thermal Emergency Mylar Blanket Extra Large (51″x83″) Emergency Blanket – LED Flashlight: with zoom lens design, heavy duty, compact flashlight **single AA battery(NOT INCLUDED)** – Magnesium Flint Fire Starter Rod & Scraper – Sharp Folding Survival Knife high quality survival blade – Tactical Self Defense Glass Break Writing Pen write down notes break glass or use against an attacker to escape – Whistle: very loud. Emergency Survival Kit Outdoor Survival Gear Tool with Survival Bracelet, Folding Knife, Compass, Emergency Blanket, Whistle, Tactical Pen for Camping, Hiking, Climbing Survival Gear Kits Outdoor Emergency SOS Survive Tool for Wilderness /Trip / Cars / Hiking / Camping gear – Wire Saw, Emergency Blanket, Flashlight, Tactical Pen SMALL RUGGED PADDED WATER TIGHT LOCKING PLASTIC BUG OUT BOX SURVIVAL KITS FOR EARTHQUAKE FOR YOUR FAMILIES MAXIMUM SURVIVAL CHANCES

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