Survival Credit Card Set of 3 multitool Emergency Multi Tool Cards For Camping Hiking Fishing Hunting

Survival Credit Card Set of 3 multitool Emergency Multi Tool Cards For Camping Hiking Fishing Hunting

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  • ✮ COMPACT – Your survival cards pack a whole bunch of survival tools into an ultra-compact and easy to store emergency card.

This survival card set is the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast, camper, hiker, backpacker, fishermen, prepper, or survivalist! Your first survival card has 14 tools in 1 card! Knife/Fishing Line Cutter/Hex Nut Wrench This versatile knife has a grip that fits between your fingers. It has a straight cutting blade as well as an area that is serrated, there is also a fishing line cutter on the tip. The center of the blade works as a hex nut wrench for 3 different size bolts. Blade Sharpener A knife does not do you much good if it’s not sharp. The side of your card comes equipped with a sharpening stone, so you can keep your blades razor sharp. Magnifying Glass There are endless Use for a magnifying glass! You can now magnify the power of the sun, and read objects that are to difficult to read with the naked eye. Compass What good is it to travel if you don’t know what direction you are going? Well, you don’t have to worry about that now that you have a compass. Ruler The top of your survival card is equipped with a metric ruler for your measuring needs. Bottle Opener/screwdriver You now can alway shave a bottle opener, and screwdriver on hand.Think about all the times you have struggled to get a bottle open or have found a screw that needs tightening. Toothpick You now can always have a toothpick with you. Think of all those uncomfortable times something was stuck between your teeth and you had nothing to get it out. Tweezers Boy is it uncomfortable to have a stubborn splinter that hurts every time something bumps into it. Now you have the tool you need to take care of that problem. Fire Starter Flint You now have a 2nd option for starting a fire (in case your having trouble with the magnifying glass). You now have a tool that can prevent you from freezing and can assist you to get food cooked! ROPE you can now tie shelters together,or make a trap for food Emergency Whistle Signal and SOS, or make a l

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