Stainless Steel 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Card Tool Fits Perfect in Your Wallet Reviews

Stainless Steel 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Card Tool Fits Perfect in Your Wallet

  • 11 GREAT TOOLS: Can Opener, Cutting Edge, Flat Screwdriver, Ruler, Beer Bottle Opener, 4 Position Wrench, Butterfly Screw Wrench, Saw Blade, Direction Ancillary Indication (Water Compass), 2 Position Wrench, Keychain or lanyard Hole. Includes protective case for wallet or purse, tool identification card
  • The small survival tool is a must have that could be used to save your life in emergency situations Great for use in disaster packs, emergency kits, military operations, bug out kits, and survival
  • This wallet multi tool is made of high-quality stainless steel so it will not bend, break or rust.
  • Function: Can opener,Knife edge,Screwdriver,Ruler,Cap opener,Butterfly wrench,Saw blade….
  • Credit Card Survival Tool featuring 11 useful & essential tools all in one Credit Card sized metal card,including Beer card bottle opener.

1. Can opener: The following hooks can be easily opened with the top edge of the canned metal.
2. Knife edge:sharp edge, can cut the rope, wash the side knife can cut fruit.
3. Screwdriver:ated on a corner of the card (this position uses the mechanics to increase the strength and more effort), to tighten the commonly used models of screws.
4. Ruler:the use of metric scale, the smallest scale mm.
5. Cap opener:suitable for beer, beverage and other bottle cover open.
6. 4 positions wrench for various sizes nuts and bolthead:Four different types of six-edge wrenches, suitable for everyday use of bolts and nuts.
7. Butterfly wrench:that is, long-shaped hollow slot, you can screw any flat thin and thin with a screw buckle items.
8. Saw blade:double staggered serrated, increase the intensity, improve efficiency, I not only used to saw wood branches, remove the fish scales is also very easy to use.
9. Direction auxiliary indicator:the use of sixteen equal parts of the exact measurement of different directions.
10. 2 position wrench: Two different types of six-edge wrench, smaller than the model of function 6.
11. Lanyard hole (Key ring hole):One word screwdriver has a round hole on the diagonal, which can be attached to the key ring.
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This is an overall great and inexpensive tool to have with at any time. Give it a shot!

READYMAN Survival Cards (Fisherman)
READYMAN Survival Cards (Fisherman)

  • ✅ READYMAN Survival Cards are no bigger than the size of a credit card, so why not fill up your wallet and be prepared anywhere?
  • ✅ All READYMAN Survival Cards are 100% American made of 301 Stainless Steel
  • ✅ READYMAN Survival Cards have you covered no matter the situation. Cards Available for Fisherman, Medic, Wilderness, EVAC, Hostage and much more
  • ✅ All READYMAN Individual Survival Cards weigh only 12 grams or less

The ReadyMan Fisherman’s Survival Card was created with catching fish for survival (or fun) as it’s sole focus. The Fisherman’s Card is made out of .65 millimeter stainless steel which makes the hooks slightly stronger than on the ReadyMan Wilderness Survival Card. The ReadyMan Fishermans Survival card includes 22 different tools to catch and clean fish: -9 Single Hooks (Small Medium and Large) -3 Double Hooks (Small Medium and Large) -1 Treble Hook -1 Quad Hook -5 different Lures -Fish Scaler -Saw


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