Source Outdoor SNEP Convertube Water Bottle Adapter Into A Hydration System Kit

Source Outdoor SNEP Convertube Water Bottle Adapter Into A Hydration System Kit

  • Turns a variety of water bottles into a hydration system
  • Includes four adapters to fit Evian (24mm), Sigg (42mm), Nalgene (63 mm), and standard PET (28 mm) plastic bottles
  • Round Helix bite valve for easy drinking at any angle. Delivers high water flow with minimal bite pressure
  • Dirt-Shield protective cover keeps valve free of dirt, sand, dust, and pollution
  • Includes blue transparent co-extruded tube

Turn almost any bottle into a hydration system with the Convertube Water Bottle Adapter from Source Outdoor.

This kit includes a Helix bite valve with Dirt-Shield and four adapters: 24mm (fits Evian bottles), 28mm (standard PET plastic bottles), 42mm (Sigg bottles), and 63mm (Nalgene bottles).

Easy to use, you’ll be able to drink on the move without taking the bottle out of your pack. In addition to a transparent blue co-extruded tube, this kit comes with a Helix Bite Valve, which features a rounded shape for easy drinking at any angle.
A retreat spring mechanism with a single-piece bite valve delivers a full flow with just a soft bite and a safety shutoff mechanism that won’t leak under pressure or with prolonged use. The 90-degree design allows the tube to be shorter,
minimizing excess tubing around your chest and creating an ideal drinking angle. It also includes a Dirt-Shield protective cover that protects the valve from valve from dirt, sand, dust, mud, and other pollution.

Tested in the most extreme conditions, hundreds of thousands of Source hydration systems are in use in the field.


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