Rayovac LED Glow Stick, VB6N1-B

Rayovac LED Glow Stick, VB6N1-B

  • 5 light modes: flashlight, flashlight and glowing wand, flashlight and flashing wand, glowing wand, flashing wand
  • 2 button control for added versatility
  • Clip for belt or pocket
  • 6 lumen LED light
  • Batteries included

The VB6N1-B Rayovac LED Glow Stick light is easy to carry as it fits into most pockets. This light has 5 modes to provide a combination of a glowing or flashing wand and a standard flashlight. Whether you are going for a walk at night or want your kids to have a safety light, this glow stick can help meet those needs. It comes in a 4 color assortment (red, orange, blue, and green); color is chosen randomly at shipment. The VB6N1-B not only can be used as a flashlight, but also as a light stick with blinking/flasher capabilities. The flashlight beam provides 6 lumens of light output. This glow stick has a lifetime warranty.

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