Premium Stash Jar – Small Airtight Aluminum Smell-Proof Container for Men & Women (6 colors) – Secures Medications, Herbs, Nitro, Pills & more

Premium Stash Jar – Small Airtight Aluminum Smell-Proof Container for Men & Women (6 colors) – Secures Medications, Herbs, Nitro, Pills & more

  • MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE CONTAINER for travel or home use: 3″ (76mm) tall with 1.3″ (34mm) outer diameter, perfect for your glove box, purse, or backpack.
  • PRESERVE, SECURE & PROTECT pills, medications, nitro, herbs, spices, creams, liquids and more for months at a time!
  • AIR-TIGHT, SMELL PROOF, AND LIGHT PROOF: The screw top, rubber O-ring, and solid construction keep odors in, while securely protecting your contents from outside elements such as water, humidity, and light
  • MADE FROM SOLID ALUMINUM: Superior durability, crush-proof, shatter-proof and corrosion resistant, with anodized finish for a discreet appearance
  • AVAILABLE IN 6 DIFFERENT COLORS/DESIGNS to suit your taste: Silver, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, plus designs

Premio1 containers are ideal for storing contents discreetly: herbs, medicines, pills, first aid, spices, candies, cosmetics, gels, creams – anything you want to keep safe from the outside world!

This makes Premio1 a best-in-class travel companion for active users, including for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, biking, vacationing, and much more.

Why is aluminum superior?

Aluminum is a non-reactive material that will not leach or absorb chemicals, or rust, keeping the contents of your stash jar safe from contamination and providing peace of mind. With its anodized finish over solid construction, the jar is crafted to protect your contents from the outside world. An airtight seal keeps the elements out, even if submerged in water. The metal body also protects your contents from light.

Want to store something smelly? We’ve got you covered. The rubber O-ring creates a seal between the lid and body ensuring no one can smell what’s inside.

Better yet, the stash jar is large enough to store what you need at home, but also small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, glove box, or backpack so it’s great on-the-go! The jar’s capacity is approximately 1.4 fluid ounces, or 42 mL.

Remember, if the Premio1 doesn’t meet your expectations in any way, we will be happy to provide you a full refund. We’re that confident you’ll love it!

Interested in more container sizes or colors? Search for “Premio1” to check out our entire family of stash jars.

First Aid Kit Medical Emergency Kit Compact, Complete & Portable, OSHA & FDA Approved Preparedness Bag for Home, Travel, RV, Camping, Hiking, Car – Trauma Survival Care Pouch
First Aid Kit Medical Emergency Kit Compact, Complete & Portable, OSHA & FDA Approved Preparedness Bag for Home, Travel, RV, Camping, Hiking, Car - Trauma Survival Care Pouch

  • •NEW, COMPLETELY UPGRADED DESIGN: The latest American Standard PQP First Aid / Survival Kit is a comprehensive FDA approved 2-in-1 premium Emergency first aid kit & an outdoors and wilderness survival kit. IT exceeds OHSA and ANSI guidelines. No fluff in this kit. Every item is essential for maximum value and prepar-edness.
  • •THE AMERICAN STANDARD DIFFERENCE: Satisfied with only the highest stand-ards, our new all-in-one ultimate kit features premium medical supplies and reliable survival gear to ensure you are always prepared. Multipurpose, lightweight, durable, and convenient, this travel-friendly kit is water resistant with clear see-through zipper pouches that keep contents organized and accessible.
  • •DESIGNED FOR ANY SITUATION: Weighing less than 2 lbs and small enough to fit in a glove compartment, this kit is ideal for home, office, shop, garage, kitchen, barn, college dorm, car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, backpacking, camping, mountain bik-ing, fishing, hunting, school, church, sporting events, and more!
  • •BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING: Make sure you have what you need, when you it. We’ve included top quality FDA Approved first responder medical supplies, like 10 different types of bandages, sterile gauze, first aid tape, cotton applicators, gloves, metal scissors and tweezers, ice packs, alcohol prep pads, antiseptic wipes, antibac-terial ointment, and more!
  • •FOR THE SURVIVALISTS AND ADVENTURERS: Go explore knowing you’re cov-ered. Along with medical supplies, we’ve also included a fire starter, rope, metal wire branch cutter, CPR face mask, razor blades, swing kit, rescue whistle, emergency blankets, glow sticks, rain ponchos, tourniquet, blister relief pads, safety pins and a multipurpose tool that includes a mini saw, bottle opener, screwdriver, knife, pliers, and mini flashlight.

American Standard Extra Deluxe First Aid Kit Bag – A Must-Have for Survival-ists!

Don’t go adventuring in the wilderness or on a road trip without this extra durable first aid bag.

American Standard designs the BEST first aid kit for car travel, boating, hiking, backpacking and camping!
Survival Safety Pouch: Containing an assortment of first aid essentials and a variety of survival items, this all-purpose first aid and survival kit prepares you for anything and everything.

Waterproof Supply Case: 198 first aid and survival supplies are packaged in a 100% water resistant first aid zipper pouch. Durable and dependable!

#1 Outdoor First Aid Kit: Includes everything you need to treat minor sur-face wounds, burns, cuts, scrapes, and a collection of survival accessories.

Transparent Compartments: Designed with a system of interior see-through pocket compartments, the zippered waterproof first aid bag gives you easy ac-cess to what you need when you need it.

INCLUDES FIRST AID SUPPLIES: gauze, bandages, tweezers, CPR mouth barrier, scissors, tourniquet, applicators, first aid tape, alcohol pads, cleansing wipes, gloves, cotton balls, etc.

INCLUDES SURVIVAL SUPPLIES: glow sticks, emergency blanket, dis-posable poncho, rope, rescue whistle wire cutter, razor blades, sewing kit, safety pins, fire starter + much more.

(Please refer to our supply chart featured image for a complete list of included items & sizes)

Don’t risk it being unprepared. Our first aid zip bag is ready to come to the res-cue.

Click ‘ADD TO CART’ to order your own 198pc American Standard First Aid Travel Kit Now!

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