Personal Alarm for Women, Emergency Self-Defense Security Sound Alarm with LED Light with Self Defense Key Chain Knife, for Woman/Kid

Personal Alarm for Women, Emergency Self-Defense Security Sound Alarm with LED Light with Self Defense Key Chain Knife, for Woman/Kid

  • 👍2 PCS SELF-DEFENSE TOOL COMBINATION: You will get a practical self defense tools, portable safe sound personal alarm and key-simulated knife. Personal alarm for calling assistance in an emergency, the other to self defense.
  • 👍120dB SAFESOUND PERSONAL ALARMS: You just need pull the ripcord, the loudly sounds can draw people’s attention even in a far distance, it could help you call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker.
  • 👍MULTI METHOD TO ALARM: There are two LED lights on the safe sound personal alarm. When you pull the key chain pin, it rings sharp alarm and LED lights fast flashes. People will know you need help now.
  • 👍KEY-SIMULATED SELF DEFENSE TOOL: The stainless steel self-defense knife is disguised as a key. You will hold the serrated handle well, not to easy to injured yourself. You can dangled it on your key chain. Having the tool, perpetrators will dare not near to you.
  • 👍100% QUALITY WARRANTY, 100% SHOPPING SATISFACTION: Before sending to Amazon warehouse, we will check the quality on each products at least twice. After getting products, We accept refund application by free reason. What are you waiting for? Add into to cart no doubt!!!

Safety Personal Alarm:
Material: Environment ABS
Volt: 6V
Battery: LR44*4pcs
Alarm time: ≈ 60 mins
Flashing time: ≈ 180 mins
Lighting time: ≈ 90 mins
Product size: L*W*H, 2.60*1.50*0.98 inch (69*38*25mm)
Net weight: 1.3 ounce (36g)
Alarm Decibel: ≈ 120 dB

Self Defense Key Chain Knife:
Material: Stainless steel
Product size (closing): L*W*H, 0.98*2.36*0.15 (25*60*4mm)
Product size (opening): L*W*H, 0.98*4.92*0.15 inch (25*125*4mm)
Net weight: 0.92 ounce (26g)

Portable Safety Alarms are legal to carry everywhere (even on airplanes) and so simple to use. Protect yourself at school, in the workplace, and when travelling. Protect your loved ones including the very young, and the very old.
Personal alarms are the first line of defense for your safety and self protection. Personal Safety Devices should not escalate an already dangerous situation and not every situation requires lethal force.
Best protection for shift workers, in parking garages and underground parking structures.
Many people enjoy sports like hiking, running, or cycling, but these activities can leave you isolated and vulnerable. If you feel threatened or need emergency assistance, simply activate the alarm.
The piercing sound of personal security alarms can even be used to ward off vicious dogs or wild animals.

Well-made stainless steel Self Defense Key chain Knife, excellent hand feeling. In a very critical situation, you can show the knife to defence yourself. Dentate handle design, you will hold the knife well, not easy to injure yourself. But, we still not suggest your kid using the knife.

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