Patriot Pantry Franklin’s Finest Survival Coffee – 60 Servings

Patriot Pantry Franklin’s Finest Survival Coffee – 60 Servings

  • First-Ever Emergency Coffee that Will Store for up to 25 Years
  • 100% Pure Gourmet Colombian Coffee Gently Freeze-dried to Preserve Flavor
  • Re-Sealable 60-Serving Pouch
  • Great Size for Camping or Barter
  • Just Add Boiling Water

Can’t Survive Without Coffee?

Now You Don’t Have to!

Franklin’s Finest Coffee is the world’s first survival coffee developed to last up to 25 years in storage when unopened.

We take the finest 100% Colombian coffee beans, roast them to perfection and gently freeze-dry them to preserve that bold, smooth flavor.

You get 60 servings of delicious brew – enough for two cups a day for a month. The specially sealed pouch keeps your coffee fresh until you’re ready to use it – much longer than large cans.

The folks at Patriot Pantry understand the importance of getting prepared, and they personally test and use all of the survival products they sell. Add Franklin’s Finest Survival Coffee to your emergency food storage plan today, and you’ll have great tasting, easy to prepare coffee during any emergency.


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