Outdoors 365 Survival Straw Portable Water Filter Reviews

Outdoors 365 Survival Straw Portable Water Filter

  • Filter up to 1500 Liters/396 Gallons
  • Attaches directly to a 2 Liter Bottle
  • Flow rate: 550ml/min
  • Portable and perfect for camping, hiking & emergency situations
  • No harmful chemicals used in filter

Outdoors 365 Survival Straw Emergency Life Water Filter is Great for Camping, Hiking, Emergency & Disaster Relief situations. Outdoor 365 filter straw is made by high precision ultrafiltration membranes ,active carbon and antimicrobial particles. 99.9% of Common Bacteria can be filtered effectively, such as E. coli, softened water, heavy metal ions, chlorine and other organic contaminants. Rainwater, River Water, flood water, lake water, ground water & tap water will immediately become safe to drink without using any harmful chemicals or external equipment. The filter attached to a two liter bottle is ideal for daily use, outdoor adventuring ,emergency relief situation ,civil defense application and places which are lacking of clean water. OD365S.S.E.L.W.F. will: 1. Provide convenient, safe & clean drinking water when outdoors 2. Super water capacity: at least 1000 liters of water can be removed under normal circumstances 3. At least 99.9% aquatic bacteria can be filtered 4. at least 99.9% aquatic Parasite can be filtered 5. Free of chemicals 6. High water flow 7. No power required


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