Lukey’s 2-Pack Collapsible Water Container Storage 5 Litre

Lukey’s 2-Pack Collapsible Water Container Storage 5 Litre

  • This foldable water storage bag is ideal for hiking, camping and storage
  • When you take it out of the packaging, simply unfold then screw off the cap and fill it up with water or your favorite beverage like milk, beer or juice
  • Made from food grade non-toxic BPA free plastic that is durable and leak proof; the handle and cap are both made from strong durable but lightweight hard plastic
  • What you’ll get in this package is 2 folding water bags; also includes 2 shoulder straps
  • 12 inch x 12 inch (30.48 centimetre by 30.48 centimetre) and will hold up to 5 litres of water

Store 5 Litres Of Water With This Light Weight Foldable Water Storage Bag

Store Water And Use For Camping And Hiking

This foldable water carrier is lightweight and easy to carry. It simply folds flat when it’s not in use, which means that it will take very little space in your backpack when you are camping or on your hikes.

Once you fill it up, the leak-free food grade plastic will contain water for as long as you want, so you don’t have to worry about leaks from the cap or the container whether you stand it up straight or lie it on its side.

Safe With No Strong Smells

Made from BPA free plastic which doesn’t smell which means that your non-toxic water container can store your liquids for long periods of time without making your water taste or smell like chemicals.

Not only is this safe but it is also robust enough to put in the freezer. Simply fill the container up approximately half way and pop it in your freezer box for a few hours or overnight. You’ll have ice-cold water whenever you need.

Two Is Better Than One..

In this duo pack of containers you’ll also get 2 nylon shoulder straps. Now you can fill up your reusable water carriers before you travel, only now be hands-free. Long enough to fit diagonally across your shoulders for a more even weight distribution.

Not only good for camping, hiking, off-roading or any other outdoor activities, this is also good as part of your emergency kit and because you get two, you now have 10 liters of water you can store.

You can’t go wrong with this 2 strap, 2 container pack. Click Add to Cart to pick up your set today!


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