Lion Gear Medical First Aid, Fishing Survival Cards | Multitools for Survival for Emergencies, | Stainless Steel Fisherman Outdoor Survival Kit Tool Set for Fishing and Camping

Lion Gear Medical First Aid, Fishing Survival Cards | Multitools for Survival for Emergencies, | Stainless Steel Fisherman Outdoor Survival Kit Tool Set for Fishing and Camping

  • CAREFULLY DESIGNED BY A SPECIAL FORCES VETERAN: The Lion Gear Fish and Medical Card wasn’t crafted by someone wanting to make a buck or two. This handmade, well thought-out masterpiece was the birth child of a man who served his country for over 28 years and knows a few things about what it takes to survive. While we can’t all have the years of training and expertise this man has, we at least can be better armed for survival with this brilliantly-designed emergency survival pocket tool.
  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT We wanted to provide a lightweight, travel-size wild survival tool that gave you the bare essentials necessary to ensure you and your family’s safety in the event of a natural disaster. While things going awry isn’t something we like to think about, it’s certainly something we should be prepared for. This survival tool kit folds right into the sleeve of your wallet. It creates no bulk or excess weight, yet provides various tools necessary for your safety.
  • THE FISHERMAN’S CARD: With the Lion Gear Fish and Medical Card, you are actually getting two wild survival tools in one. The fisherman’s survival card is comprised of 6 standard hooks, 2 small hooks, 2 tiny hooks, 2 large double hooks, 2 small double hooks, 1 quadruple hook, 2 large fishing spoons, 3 smaller fishing spoon, and 1 dual edged saw. You can use this card whether you need it as backup while you’re out in nature or if you’re on a fishing trip and just need extra hooks.
  • FIRST AID MEDIC CARD: This purchase also includes another emergency tool for disasters. While both cards come in use in the event of a catastrophe, the second card is directed at the health and wellbeing of yourself or the people you are with. It comes with a file, 3 bandages and butterfly clips, needles, safety pins, tweezers, tick fork, and 2 serrated blades. Made from 301 Stainless Steel made in the U.S., you can count on this wild survival tool to withstand the toughest of situations.
  • HOPE FOR THE BEST, PREPARE FOR THE WORST: Nature is meant to be enjoyed but it also can be taken for granted. Being aware of nature, animals, and our role in it, means accepting that anything can happen. A biking, hiking, or fishing trip can quickly turn consequential and there’s no reason to be unprepared for the variables life can throw at us. With our survival gear kit, you can feel safe without worrying about the bulk and annoyance that other backpacking survival gear kits can create.

Our Emergency Tool Set Works
We put our products under a lot of scrutiny to make sure that when we say they are the best on the market, we can say it with certainty and pride. Our emergency equipment is made from 301 USA-derived, 0.65 mm thick stainless steel. It’s been tested by professionals and it works. Engineered by a 28 year Special Forces Veteran, this product isn’t just for looks –it’s designed to keep you and your loved ones stay safe.

Fisherman’s Survive Card
Designed for catching fish in an emergency or just for fun, this card comes with:
(6)Standard Hooks
(2) Small Hooks
(2) Tiny Hooks
(2) Large Double Hooks
(2) Small Double Hooks
(1) Quadruple Fishing Spoon
(2) Large Fishing Spoons
(3) Smaller Fishing Spoons
(1)Dial, Edged Saw

The Medical First Aid Card Comes With
(1) File
(3) Butterfly Clips
(2) Straight Needles and (2) Hooked Needles
(6) Safety Pins
(2) Tweezers
(1) Tick Fork/Nail Scraper
(2) Serrated Blade

Full Money Back Guarantee
Your satisfaction with your purchase is incredibly important to us. That’s why, if you aren’t happy, you can return it for a full, money back guarantee. We spent years on and off the “battlefield” just to ensure you have the best wallet tool card available. We will do whatever we can to ensure you have the best possible outcome and a product you would want all you family members and friends to have.

Our Survive Credit Card with Multiple Tools Makes For A Great Gift
Know someone who loves the great outdoors? Perhaps you know someone who spends their weekends fishing or hunting or white water raftingWhatever the adventure, this survival gear kit for camping, backpacking, hiking, and hunting is a great present for someone you love or for a special occasion like a Bat Mitzvah, Graduation, Christmas gift, birthday gift, or even wedding present.

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