LiangGui 12 Pcs Paracord Survival Grenade Emergency Keychain Survival Kit for EDC Every Day Carry Key Chain Survival Gear Red with Black

LiangGui 12 Pcs Paracord Survival Grenade Emergency Keychain Survival Kit for EDC Every Day Carry Key Chain Survival Gear Red with Black

  • ULTRA PORTABLE KEYCHAIN EMERGENCY KIT: Take this key chain emergency kit with you on the go. Clips to your belt, bug out bag, jacket, vest and more with its durable carabiner. Pack a few in your car or truck, in your boat, and in your survival gear. This 550 cord keychain kit fits in the palm of your hand.
  • ACCESSORIES INSIDE: Inside this paracord grenade kit you will find 1 alcohol pad for disinfection, aluminium foil for cooking, cotton, 2 fishing hooks with fishing line, 2 fishing weights, 2 floats, 2 swivels, 1 eye kinife, 1 fire starter, 1 needle and 1 wire.
  • SURVIVE GRITTY SITUATIONS: You don’t need to wait till SHTF to appreciate being prepared for the worst-case-scenario. Be completely self-sufficient with this survival equipment on you wherever you go. Whether you find yourself tent camping or trapped in torturous terrain, you’ll be glad you brought the Paracord Grenade along.
  • WIDLY USE: Compact but functional survival kits help you to catch an animal, cook food, fishing. Meet your need to survive whenever you go camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, hunting and more outdoor activities
  • Size: Length 14.5cm/ 5.7inch; Width 5cm/ 1.96inch. 2 color is 2 paracord, single length 1.8m/ 70.86inch.

How do you set an animal trap when you are lost and starving in the woods with nothing but the clothes on your back? If you happen to wearing a PARACORD SURVIVAL KIT, You are in luck. This Paracord Emergency Survival Carabineer “Grenade” Survival Kit with Sharp Knife is lightweight and yet strong enough for a variety of purposes, from replacing a shoeslace to rigging a bow and arrow, parachutecord is the cord of choice for survivalists, hunters and campers, not to mention those who just rugged outdoorsy look.

1. Find the two “glue tip” ends at the bottom of the kit
2. Hold the bracelet kit and give them a hard twist near these ends to get them loose
3.Press the first loop over out of the edges
4.Once the edges are lose, simply unravel the bracelet loop by loop

1.It is not recommended to unravel/unbraid the grenade without expertise in re-braiding
2.Paracord is strong but NOT intended for mountaineering/climbing

1.Hazard goods contains small parts, keep it away from children!
2.Fishing weights are made of lead, wash hands before and after use. If swallowed seek immediate medical help, may cause lead poisoning

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