JETERY Replacement Filter for 7050 Sport Water Bottle

JETERY Replacement Filter for 7050 Sport Water Bottle

  • ✔SAFE MATERIALS BPA FREE: JETERY personal water bottle hard sided made from BPA free triton polyester and FDA approved, health-safe materials that`s durable and beautifully clear
  • ✔BETTER TASTING: the replacement filter uses Japan ACF carbon filtration system, sport water bottle filters reduces chlorine taste and odor found in tap water as you think, the reduction of chlorine is 99.6% rate
  • ✔LIFE CARTRIDGE AND SAVE MONEY: JETTERY JT-7050 water filtered bottle is 23.3 Ounce can filtered 150 Gallon tap water, one water filter can replace up to more than 1000 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles, keep you hydrated, save your money and reduce plastic waste
  • ✔MORE CONVENIENT AS THINK: the hard sided plastic, built-in carrying loop and flip open straw make this water bottle effortless to take on the go, you can enjoy your drinking safe water wherever you are home, school, GYM, outdoor, travel and office
  • ✔SHOULD BE CAREFUL: the replacement filter should be replaced every 150 gallons or three months, any more problem when you use our JETERY products, please contact us

About JETERY JT-7050 Water Filter Bottle:

JETERY BPA Free, Leak-proof reusable water bottle with easy-sip straw, durable plastic body, and replaceable filter reduces 99.6% chlorine taste, odor and particulates often found in the tap water.
23.3 Ounce capacity lets you enjoy your drinking water throughout your busy day, keep you hydrated.
Japanese ACF carbon filter technology can support to filter 150 gallon tap water, one filter can replace up to more than 1000 standard disposable plastic water bottle, save your money and keep environment green.
Keep great tasting filtered water flowing by replacing your filter every 150 Gallons or approximately every 3 months.

Hard Sided Water Bottle and More Place:

At the GYM-Stay hydrated during your workouts with great tasting water.
At the Office-Drink more safe water with JETTERY bottle at the office or on-the-go.
At School-JETERY bottle makes the tap water taste clean, safe and refreshing.
On Travel-You can relax much more when you enjoy fresh water.
Better Water, Better Health, Better Value and Better World.

Package Contains:

1X Jetery Water Filter Bottle
1X Replaceable Filter
1X User Manual

RefresH2Go Personal Water Filter Straw, Blue
RefresH2Go Personal Water Filter Straw, Blue

  • PORTABLE WATER FILTER: Drink safer, cleaner water anywhere.
  • WORKS WITH ANY CONTAINER: Whether it is your favorite cup, tumbler, glass, or bowl.
  • TREATS LARGE AMOUNT OF WATER: Treats up to 40 gallons of water.
  • EASY TO USE: Just put it in water, sip, and let the straw do all the magic!
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Comes in a blue and white candy stripe design.

Do you want access to clean and safe water anytime, anywhere?

Water is vital to maintaining good health. Make sure you have clean water anywhere thanks to the Refresh2Go Reusable Water Filter Straw!

The system uses an all-natural coconut shell carbon technology to clean and purify water as well as help reduce the taste and odor of chlorine in your water.

It works with any cup, tumbler or glass and can treat up to 40 gallons of water!

The straw is super easy to use. Just put it in your water, sip, and let the straw do the purifying. Comes in an attractive blue and white striped pattern.

Live healthy and drink lots of clean water. Get your own Refresh2Go Filter now!


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