Hippo Survival Paracord Bracelet with Black Metal Shackle and Adjustable Size

Hippo Survival Paracord Bracelet with Black Metal Shackle and Adjustable Size

  • SURVIVAL IN STYLE: This trendy and chic bracelet is made from military-grade 550-pound Type III Paracord (7 inner yarns and 3 strands per yarn), doubling as an important tool for any backpacker, camper, outdoors lover or wilderness explorer. Add it to your Every Day Carry kit and benefit from the many uses of paracord.
  • HANDLE WHATEVER LIFE THROWS AT YOU: Paracord is an ultra tough, super strong material capable of supporting up to 550 lbs. You can use it to construct shelters, tie materials down during a storm, make fishing or hanging lines, or rig a makeshift splint, sling, or stretcher-making it a necessary addition to any wilderness survival or emergency care kit. Even better, by wearing it as a bracelet, this tool is available instantly, without having to dig through your pack to find it.
  • ADJUST TO FIT: Wider than your conventional paracord bracelet to give it a bold look, our Hippo Survival Bracelet can be adjusted to 3 different sizes with the black metal shackle, fitting comfortably on 6.5″ to 7.5″ wrists.
  • PICK A COLOR, ANY COLOR: Just because it’s a survival tool doesn’t mean it can’t look good while you wear it! We have options for men and women of all ages. Find the perfect color to match your fashion type with six choices: black, army green, maroon, desert camo, and blue camo.
  • MADE BY AND FOR SURVIVALISTS AND OUTDOORS LOVERS: At Hippo Survival, we don’t go anywhere without our Paracord Bracelets. We set out to make a product that we’d feel comfortable using on our own trips-a product that we trust more than any other brand-because we’re adventurers, just like you, and we know that when it comes to survival, you don’t just deserve the best. You need it.

Find yourself stuck in the forest with no tent and nowhere to go? Fashion a makeshift shelter with paracord. Get a deep cut on your leg while out rock climbing? Use paracord to suture the wound. Maybe you need to hang food up from a tree to prevent bears from getting it? Paracord is capable of lifting 550 pounds, so it can help with that, too.

With its hundreds of uses in any emergency scenario, paracord is a no-brainer for having on hand when life throws you a curveball. This bracelet makes paracord into a stylish accessory that can go with any outfit, allowing you to always have paracord on-hand, literally!

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