Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable with Red & White Lights by Vitchelo – Head Lamp Work Light Water Proof for Outdoor Running Jogging Walking Camping Hiking Hunting Reading in Bed Crafts Emergency

Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable with Red & White Lights by Vitchelo – Head Lamp Work Light Water Proof for Outdoor Running Jogging Walking Camping Hiking Hunting Reading in Bed Crafts Emergency

  • WHILE OTHER RECHARGEABLE HEADLAMPS are heavy, cheaply made, don’t hold charge, or simply don’t work, the Vitchelo Waterproof USB Rechargeable Head lamp Flashlight is lightweight, sturdy and guarantees up to 20 hours of uncompromising brightness with energy-efficient LED lights. Inadequate, old-style headlamps that overheat are a thing of the past with the Vitchelo head lights led rechargeable. Experience life in the outdoors under beautiful, radiant light, and never go back your old headlamp.
  • PRACTICAL & VERSATILE – Looking for simplicity and versatility? This super bright led headlamp flashlight offers 3 ways to light up your world: hands-free, hanged or clipped on to your clothes or backpack. One button cycling through the light modes makes it particularly attractive to those who seek ease of use, and the headband fits securely to make it perfectly suitable for running, jogging, dog walking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, auto reparing, crafts, night reading, or stargazing.
  • RECHARGEABLE SAVES – Why waste your time and money fiddling with flashlights and buying extra batteries? Recharge your Vitchelo head lights led via USB and don’t to spend extra on disposable batteries. This means no more lugging around a pack of AAA and no more batteries spilling out of their package into the crevasses of your backpack. Our head lamp usb rechargeable simplifies life on the trail, saves you time, money and discomfort, and greatly benefits our planet by reducing the waste stream.
  • MADE WITH PURPOSE, MADE BY US – At Vitchelo, we believe your pursuits shouldn’t be limited by your gear, that’s why we designed, tested & built this headlamp to be practical, versatile & deliver lightning you can depend upon. At the park, at home, in your car or inside your tent, our lightweight head lamp with red light option will light up your surroundings to keep you safe, calm & in control. We take pride in providing you with “just right” outdoor gear ready for any adventure.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Covered by our manufacturer 60-day money back guarantee & LIFETIME limited WARRANTY, we’re confident our bright headlamp will enhance your experiences. A must-have for every adventure seeker, it’s bound to serve all your lighting needs and, when you purchase today, it will help GIVE CLEAN and SUSTAINABLE WATER to people who desperately need it in Bolivia through our strategic partnership with Agua Yaku. Scroll down, watch the “Related Video Shorts” and get yours now.

It’s time to get outside and escape your busy life.

>When you leave for work in the morning and come home in the evening, you might be tempted to drop down in front of the TV and try to ignore the world for a while. But getting outside and connecting with nature is the best and most efficient way to unwind. That’s why we’ve created this lightweight & comfortable hands-free headlamp.

Now you don’t have to let the dark ruin your outdoor fun! The VITCHELO(r) RH47 offers you 3 ways to light up your world without being tied to an electrical outlet: hands-free headlamp, rechargeable hanging lamp, or portable clip-on light.

This USB rechargeable night light is perfect for: runners, hikers, dog walkers, campers, hunters, fishers, delivery drivers, auto mechanics, home inspectors, readers, outdoor enthusiasts, etc.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Reduces Your Cost

With USB recharging, you won’t have to buy an expensive battery EVER again. Simply plug your rechargeable light in using the included USB cable and the built-in 850mAh lithium battery will be fully charged from any USB Port in less than 1 hour – providing you with up to 20 hours of use with 1 charge.

Your Comfort Is Key

Weighing just 2.2 ounces, this is an incredibly comfortable lamp to wear. The headband is adjustable for optimal comfort and a secure fit. There is a detachable clip, that adjusts to fit most garments, belts, or surfaces.

If you’re craving more quality time with your family & friends… or simply a bit of peace outside to rest after a long, hard day… you’ll need light to help you do it with confidence. Add this super bright USB rechargeable headlamp to your tool box, bug out bag or camping kit today.

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