H2O Survival Water Filter Bottle, 20 oz

H2O Survival Water Filter Bottle, 20 oz

  • LARGE WATER FILTER CAPACITY: Utilizing our Dual “LongLife Filters”, The CampSport3030 Effectively Filters up to 400 GALLONS of Tap,Lake or Stream water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals and uses safe antibacterial activated Carbon with Silver ions instead.
  • INSTANT SAFE WATER:Multi-Layer Hierarchical water straw filter removes more than 99.9999 % of Crypto,Giardia,Escherichia coli & Legionella pneumophilia ATCC 33152
  • WATER PURIFIER STRAW IN A BOTTLE PROVIDES INCREDIBLE FILTRATION WITH NO CHEMICALS:Best Filtration Level on the Market for a water filter bottle at 0.01 Microns. Filters out bacteria,heavy metals,chlorine tastes and odors. Exclusive “Damping system” with special UF membrane and Antibacterial GAC, makes RAW or TAP water instantly odor free,clean & drinkable.
  • DURABLE & VERSATILE DESIGN: Made from BPA Free PP/ABS Silica Gel. This clear and squeezable bottle features a silicone spout,re-closable top to protect from external dust, Debossed silicone neck handgrip,sturdy molded loop handle for easy transport to the Gym or Campsite. Lightweight and incredibly well made. Smartly designed to be used WITH or WITHOUT the filters. Easy to carry when hiking & walking.
  • SEE OUR LIFESTRAW GO vs CAMPSPORT3030 COMPARISON CHART-PERFECT WATER BOTTLE FOR OUTDOOR USE: Smartly integrated in the rear hatch is a external nipple that will allow external water fill from any camping micro-filter pump with a 3/8″ line. *FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PRIME ORDERS **H20 SurvivalTM is a Proud Supporter of the WATER.ORG Charity to Bring Water and Facilities to Undeveloped Countries.**

The H2O Survival CampSport3030,is our amazing new BPA Free water filter bottle for the environmentally conscious athlete & camping enthusiast who wants the convenience and reliability of a water filter bottle that can purify bacteria/odors/heavy metals/chlorine+ and go from the Gym to the Great Outdoors in a Heartbeat!

The CampSport3030 gets its name for its technologically advanced Membrane/GAC filter system that can filter 400 Gallons and will save the average consumer from clogging our landfills with a minimum of 3030 discarded Plastic 16.9 oz water bottles.

The CampSport3030’s superior dual filter technology is a replaceable WQA(Water Quality Assn.) tested & approved Membrane filter that will filter 99.9999% of bacteria,cysts,algae,spores in combination with particles greater than 0.01µm +, exceeding US EPA standards. While the GAC filter greatly reduces residual odors,heavy metals,chlorine and more from any water source in the WORLD. Compare the CampSport3030 to many other popular brands whose filters cannot eliminate bacteria or heavy metals and only last for 2 mos./40 gallons before needing a replacement filter. You will have to replace their filters 10X before replacing our filter just ONCE! Why waste money paying for their bottle & 10 EXTRA filters?


Our water filter bottles are made from BPA Free food grade plastic and are squeezable,dishwasher safe and conveniently stores in your backpack or gym-bag.


Flexible Silicone mouthpiece seals away under a re-closable top to keep dirt out. Fits standard bike & car/SUV cup holders. Sturdy molded loop handle allows carabiner attachment,to secure your bottle anywhere.


Simply screw off the top and fill the bottle OR fill it by attaching a 3/8 waterline directly from a micro-pump via the rear nipple.


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