Gecko Equipments Paracord Deluxe Grenade Survival Kit

Gecko Equipments Paracord Deluxe Grenade Survival Kit

  • 30 Parts – Premium Branded Paracord Survival/Emergency ”Grenade” Kit
  • Can be disassembled to perform multiple tasks in EMERGENCY situations (SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW)
  • HIGHLY RESISTANT, True Rated Load 350 Pounds. Contains 7 inner strands that can be used to build a shelter, snare traps and much more
  • From Starting a fire to provide shelter and/or nourishment, this Paracord survival bracelet could SAVE YOUR LIFE!
  • Gecko Products are 100% handcrafted and guaranteed by Gecko Equipments – LIFETIME WARRANTY

GECKO Equipments Premium Paracord Survival Grenade

The complete list of the 30 items included with the Gecko Equipment Paracord Grenade Survival Kit
    • 1 x Dried “Jute” tinder bundle
    • 2 x egg sinkers
    • 2 x inch Polyurethane foam bobbers
    • 2 x stainless steel swivels
    • 2 x safety pins
    • 1 x Alcohol pad
    • 2 x fishing hooks
    • 1 x fishing line
    • 1 x ferrocerium fire starter rod
    • 1 x rubber tube (21 inches)
    • 2 x water purifying tablets (One Pill for 1L Water. Wait 30 Minutes Before Drinking)
    • 2 x Cotton Ball
    • 1 x Wire Saw
    • 1 x Carabiner
    • 1 x Stainless Steel Shackle
    • 1 x Whistle
    • 1 x Compass
    • 1 x Knife Blade
    • 1 x Needle
    • 1 x Metallic wire
    • 1 x Piece of “Glow in the Dark” Paper
    • 1 x Piece of Tin Foil
    • 1 x Small Metal box
    • 1 x Zip Lock Bag
    • 1 x Paracord (24 Feet)
    • 1 x Paracord Bracelet (16 Feet of Paracord)
    • 7 inner strands in each paracord (280 Feet)

Gecko Equipments Engagement:

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23 Piece in 1 Emergency Survival Kits Paracord Rope 550 Grenade for Outdoor Tools
23 Piece in 1 Emergency Survival Kits Paracord Rope 550 Grenade for Outdoor Tools

  • All in 1 Emergency Survival Kit: Includes aluminum foil, fire starter, cotton tinder, bandages, knife blade, fishing kit and other emergency aids tools.
  • Portable Design: Size 6.6″x2.7″x1.1″(11x7x3 cm) and Real weight 175gram the grenade shape survival kit is handy to clip on to your backpack, key ring or belt loops with a sturdy carabiner chain.
  • Practical: 34 feet paracord compaction survival kit has a compass and carabiner outside, you can deal with your wild travel is accidental relief.
  • Highly Resistant: Made of 7 strands 550 paracord, Rated Load 350 Pounds. You can use it from stabilize a tent to build a shelter, create hunter traps.
  • Outdoor Essentials: Small size and lightweight gadget, perfect for those who loves outdoors & activities such as hiking, trekking, fishing, hunting, etc.

All the survival tools are packed in the waterproof bag inside the grenade; Very convenient to hang on your bagpack. 

The Compass is on the outside, and can be useful to glance at on a hike or backpacking trip when you don’t have a trail, or you get lost.

Your survival kit is filled with many of the essential survival tools which are hardest to find and improvise which include:

-1 x Cotton Ball 
-1 x Whistle
-1 x Needle
-1 x Knife Blade
-1 x Fire Starter
-1 x Tool Card
-1 x Specifications
-1 x Wire Saw 
-1 x Aluminum Foil
-1 x Flashlight
-1 x Mountaineering Bukle
-1 x Royal Buckle
-1 x Compass
-1 x Paracord Rope
-1 x Fishing Lines 16 Feet
-2 x Bandages
-2 x Alcohol Pad
-2 x Back Needles
-2 x Safety Pins
-2 x Weights
-2 x Swivels
-2 x Fishing Hooks
-2 x Fishing Floats 

It is a must carry on survival kit gear when you go camping, hiking, fishing or hunting trips. 

* Paracord is strong but NOT intended for mountaineering/climbing.
* It is not recommended to unravel / unbraid the grenade without expertise in re-braiding.
* This item contains a sharp knife thus should NOT be handled by children without supervision of an adult.
* Fishing weigts are made of lead, wash hands before and after use. If swallowed seek immediate medical help, may cause lead poisoning.


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