FORSHAK Paracord Survival Bracelet – Fashionable and Life Saving – For Fishing-Hiking-Camping-Hunting+ Free Bonus

FORSHAK Paracord Survival Bracelet – Fashionable and Life Saving – For Fishing-Hiking-Camping-Hunting+ Free Bonus

  • EFFORTLESSLEY CARRY A SURVIVAL KIT EVERYWHERE YOU GO – forget about taking a backpack full of items just in case, instead wear our fashionable and practical survival bracelet which has built in features for every survival situation
  • TOOLS FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS – never get stuck in a difficult situation again, each of our bracelet features a compass, emergency whistle, fire starter which doubles up as an emergency knife and 12 feet of paracord which is incredibly strong and versatile and will be lifesaving in an emergency
  • SUITABLE FOR MEN AND WOMEN – easily adjust the paracord bracelet to suit your wrist size regardless of whether you’re male or female. You can also choose your favorite color from our range to suit your style and taste
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE – wearing this ultimate paracord survival bracelet is incredibly comfortable so you can have complete peace of mind wherever you are. Ideal for fishing trips, kayaking, hunting, camping and a host of outdoor themed activities
  • FREE GIFT – included with every purchase of our parachute cord survival bracelet is a matching survival keychain carabiner made from 7 strand 550lb parachute cord. The keychain also has a compass for easy navigation and will be highly useful in a survival situation

Stay safe in the wild

No one knows what the day ahead holds which is why it’s important to be prepared for every eventuality. Our survival cord wristband is full of life saving features, so you can protect yourself and your companions when the day doesn’t go to plan.

Wrist mounted compass

Clearly visible on the outside of the survival band is the accurate and helpful compass. This is all you need to steer you back in the right direction if you make a mistake on a hiking trail or a wrong turn when skiing.

Fire starter kit with magnesia rod

When the temperature turns it doesn’t take much for hypothermia to set in. Light a fire outdoors and give yourself a much better chance of survival. Fire enables you to keep warm, boil water, identify your location and even ward off dangerous wild animals. The nifty fire maker tools encased in the survival wristband can get you a fire lit in no time, regardless of the weather, plus the blade also doubles up as an emergency knife when needed.

Make a noise to survive

If you’re lost or injured a whistle can be all that is needed to capture someone’s attention. If you’re sitting or lying in tall grass and unable to walk the whistle can make it easier for others to find your location. The whistle incorporated into our para bracelet is super loud to reach a distance further away.

550 strand parachute cord

We’ve used only the best quality parachute cord in the production of our survival wrist bands to ensure it lasts and also, so you can use the long cord if needed in a survival situation. It doubles up as a rope for shelter building, trap making or as a bandage or replacement shoe laces. The finer strands can be used as fishing line or tinder and to repair something that has become loose.

BUY NOW and protect yourself from danger in an unexpected survival situation with the lifesaving wristband


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