Flint Fire Starter with Wooden Handle And Survival Signal Mirror – Bushcraft Fire Steel Ferro Rod with Striker Camping Emergency Equipment by The Friendly Swede Reviews

Flint Fire Starter with Wooden Handle And Survival Signal Mirror – Bushcraft Fire Steel Ferro Rod with Striker Camping Emergency Equipment by The Friendly Swede

  • 2.75″ FERROCERIUM ROD: Your new fire starter is lightweight, compact and the perfect pocket size. 2.75″ Ferro Rod is enough to last for about 10,000 strikes so you won’t have to worry about it running out in a hurry.
  • WOODEN HANDLE: The Fire Steel has a practical and stylish wooden handle. The Flint Striker is multifunctional as you find a bottle opener and a ruler. Use the end of it as a scraper for the flint steel.
  • EMERGENCY MIRROR: At the end of the wooden handle you will find a signal mirror, which can be your best friend when you are lost or in a survival situation. The fire lighter is suitable for camping, bushcraft and other outdoor activities, too.
  • 19.7″ PARACORD: The Fire starter comes with a scraper and a 19.7 Inch Paracord piece that facilitates application by attaching the scraper to the Fire Starter so you never lose it.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – RISK FREE SHOPPING: To back it all up, we are offering our Friendly Lifetime Warranty for this flint and steel fire starter kit. Our World Class customer service team is here for you every day of the year and happy to help answer ANY questions you may have within hours. Just copy-paste this link into your browser: http://amzn.to/1AmGlj8

Fire Starter Kit with Emergency Mirror and Paracord
This Fire Steel is not only small, lightweight and stylish but an essential piece of any survival, outdoor and fire starter kit – waterproof, durable and easy to use for perfect fire making. Never leave home without one! Fire Piston

Suitable for camping, survival, bushcraft and other outdoor activities.

Start a fire
The Ferro Rod is covered in a protective black coating. Scrape the coating off, using the striker.
Prepare your chosen tinder.
Hold the flint striker against the top of the flint rod at a 45° angle. Scrape the striker down the ferrocerium rod, with rapid even movements. Allow sparks to fall onto tinder.
Transfer tinder to fire when burning evenly. Slowly add larger kindling so as not to smother the flame.

Attention: Use this fire lighter outdoors in a controlled environment.

Use the signal mirror
If you need someone to see the mirror is a good tool to use as a signaling device on a sunny day.
A flash can be seen at a great distance and therefore you will be able to catch attention from a passing plane or boat.

The most important thing to remember when using a signal mirror is to determine where your signal is going. When you have decided, you can use your free hand as a sight line and then readjust the direction as the sun rises and sets.

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