ESEE Large Tin Survival Kit

ESEE Large Tin Survival Kit

  • Perfect Purchase for a Gift.
  • Great craftmanship.
  • A Must Buy Item.

This gorgeous Large Tin Kit has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Large Tin Kit is truly remarkable. Product Details: • Condition: Brand New • Item SKU: SS-BRK-ESLTINKIT • Information: Dimensions: 6.25″ X 4″ X 2.5″; Weight: 25oz; Other Info: Contents: ESEE Candiru knife, pocket map card set, survival card set, Victorinox hiker knife, potable aqua tablets, baseplate compass, Kevlar line (100′ spool), snare wire, basic fishing kit, Tinder Quik Fire tabs, rapid rescue whistle, emergency duct tape, red fresnel lens, 10′ orange survey tape, 30′ small cordage, pencil, Brite Strike light (2 each), waterproof matches, emergency. Comes in Randall’s Adventure & Training large tin.

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