DakotaLine Snare Trap- Ghost Rider SURVIVAL SNARE PACKAGE

DakotaLine Snare Trap- Ghost Rider SURVIVAL SNARE PACKAGE

  • Compact to easily fit in a daypack
  • 4-Rabbit/Squirrel Sized Snares
  • 4-Snares that will work on animals like coyote and beaver
  • 4 Big Game Snares for hog/wolf sized animals
  • Dyed cable makes the snares harder for the animal to see

The Ghost Rider Survival Snare Package is small and compact and will fit in a day pack for a hunting or hiking trip without adding a lot of weight. Don’t take any chances when taking the field, a little piece of mind goes a long ways. This package contains 12 snares. · 4-Ghost Rider Dyed/Loaded Rabbit/Squirrel Size Snares · 4-Ghost Rider Dyed/Loaded Versatile Snares for raccoon to coyote · 4-Ghost Rider Dyed/Loaded Large Animal Sized Snares

USGI Trip / Snare Wire 160′ Vietnam Era Emergency Survival
USGI Trip / Snare Wire 160' Vietnam Era Emergency Survival

  • Snare trip wire

New Old Stock from Vietnam era. wood spool may be chipped or discolored. Full spool 160 feet as Govt issued; One (1) full spool

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