Cleanwaste Large Bulk Poo Powder Waste Treatment – 120 Scoops

Cleanwaste Large Bulk Poo Powder Waste Treatment – 120 Scoops

  • EASY. Each dispensing scoop (included) treats up to 24 ounces of liquid waste.
  • SAFE. Non-toxic Poo Powder is used to extend the uses of the GO Anywhere Toilet Kit.
  • ECONOMICAL. Use a scoop in any plastic bag to make your own waste bags.
  • STABLE. Effective even in freezing or tropical temperatures with an indefinite shelf life.
  • SANITARY. Prevents backsplash and turns liquid waste to solid in seconds.
  • FRIENDLY. Odor neutralizer and decay catalyst help with smell and breaking down solid waste.

Poo Powder is a proprietary waste treatment powder that gels and solidifies liquid waste to a solid, preventing spills and splashbacks and contact with waste. The powder encapsulates solid waste for easier and more sanitary transport to disposal. It also helps to neutralize odors and contains a decay catalyst with natural enzymes to break down solid waste. Poo Powder is pre-loaded in each of our toilet kits to successfully treat 24-32 oz of waste. More powder can be added to extend the number of uses of a GO Anywhere Toilet Kit or for use with your own bags. One scoop of powder gels 24 ounces of liquid waste, which enables multiple uses if necessary. Poo Powder must be activated by a liquid to begin the encapsulation process. It is non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals.

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