Bovon Camping Water Filter, 2017 New Portable Emergency Carbon Water Straw Purifier for Sports Outdoor Survival Hiking and Travelling

Bovon Camping Water Filter, 2017 New Portable Emergency Carbon Water Straw Purifier for Sports Outdoor Survival Hiking and Travelling

  • 【Activated Carbon Filter】The Activated Carbon Fiber Layer helps absorb particles in water, improving the water taste and further reducing the turbidity value of water.
  • 【High Quality Filtration Level to Filter Safe Water】Passing the DFA certification and meeting EPA Water Quality Standards, the portable water filter can remove 99.9999% of all bacteria and 99.99% of waterborne protozoan parasite to ensure maximum quality and safety.
  • 【2017 New Released with Advanced Clean Technology】The personal water purifier filters about 1000 liters with antibacterial activated carbon filter and 0.01 Microns hollow fiber UF membrane inline filter. In addition, its straw is extended and the water flow is bigger than before.
  • 【Multipurpose and Portable】Ideal for camping hiking hiking travelling especially outdoor survival. Small size, lightweight design and a carabiner make you more convenient to carry it.
  • 【Simple To Use and Clean】No need for batteries and changing parts. You can use it directly in the river, stream, lake and can also connect it with water bag, bottle and tubes to drink the clean water. You can easily clean it with blowing from outlet.

Seller Warranty
30 days money-back & 12-month worry-free warranty, and friendly customer service.

1. New released: This water filter was new released in 2017 with the most advanced clean technology.
2. High Quality: It is a high-performance portable water purifier, can filter sewage into drinking water, with its high quality filtration level.It can be used to directly drink any dirty water of surface, and the effluent water’s quality is higher than many developed countries’ tap water standard(log7-log8). This survivor water can filter 99.9999% of parasites and bacteria, effectively prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases such as dysentery.
3. Convenient and Safe: No electricity and changing spare parts, can be carried to get safe and clean water. Don’t bother carrying heavy water bottles – simply drink from the nearest river or stream. This water filter use the new “ultrafiltration membrane technology”, not only significantly improve the filter efficiency, but also do not use any chemical medium. So it won’t produce any problems or side effects to our body.

【Multiple Usage Mode】
1.Put the bottom of the water straw into the water, sip from the mouthpiece. When the water is too far to touch, connect and put the hose into the water.
2.Can connect with the water bag(owned) or bottle(owned), then press the bag or bottle to drink.
3.use the hose to connect the reserve water bag (owned), filter the water by water pressure, it is suitable for multi-user.

Material: ABS + food grade PP
Size: 4.5 cm in diameter, length 20 cm
Weight: 90 g

【Package included】
1 * water filter
1 * User’s Manual


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