Baofeng BF-888S Two Way Radio Long Range 16 CH Baofeng Radio and Covert Air Acoustic Tube Earpiece (Pack of 10)

Baofeng BF-888S Two Way Radio Long Range 16 CH Baofeng Radio and Covert Air Acoustic Tube Earpiece (Pack of 10)

  • 1.Single band/Frequency Range: UHF400-470MHz; 16 channel;Bettery capacity: 1500mAh; US plug; 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS
  • 2.Crystal clear voice transmission;Easy to use all ages,Power-saving features to extend battery life,Low battery alarm advises you when to recharge or replace the batteries
  • 3.Walkie Talkie Model: Baofeng BF-888s; Each radio has a 2 Pin Covert Air Acoustic Tube Headset Earpiece and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Built-in Led torch make things easier when in dark environment
  • 4.This simple,economical and convenient item can meet your requirement.This 2pcs Walkie Talkie is helpful for these circumstances:security guard,supermarket connection,construction area indication,most helpful for field survival, biking and hiking.Also,these radios equip led light to meet your need at dark night
  • 5.This piece of two-way radio can connect each other in remote area or wild field, where shell phone signal is poor. With latest techapplied, it is very easy to use these. All you need is turn these two to the same channel(16 channel to be chosen), push a button, and you can hear from your mate

BaoFeng BF-888S Two Way Radio Long Range UHF 400-470MHz Signal Frequency Single Band 16 CH Walkie Talkies and Covert Air Acoustic Tube Earpiece (Pack of 10)

This model has been FCC certified,FCC ID: ZP5BF-888S

UHF(Ultra High Frequency) Walkie Talkies
UHF waves are shorter and can get around or penetrate areas of interference found in buildings.
UHF radios are better if you have any plans to use the radios indoors or indoors to outdoors.

2 Watt Transmit Power, Up to 3 miles range
Realistic range depends on the power capability weather conditions and obstructions along the way.

Great for indoor and outdoor group connection
They help you stay in contact with your group or family, helps out in areas without mobile reception.
While in open fields, hiking, fishing kayaking etc. They help you connect to your partners in realtime.

Tested Performance
Standby Time……….5-7 days
Typical Use………….1-2 days
Continuous Use….8-12 hours
Charging Time……..4-5 hours

Signal Range
Open Fields…………2-3 miles
City & Town…………1-2 miles
Inside Buildings…..1-40 floors(Except basement)

Additional Information:
Model: BF-888S
Antenna Impedance: 50ohm Rated
Voltage: 3.7V DC Output
Battery type:Li-ion battery
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Dimension(Lx Wx H): 60x 33x 115mm(Not Antenna)
Weight: 180g

Package Includes:
10 x Portable radio
10 x Antenna
10 x Covert Air Acoustic Tube Earpiece
10 x Li-ion battery pack
10 x US Charger
10 x Belt clip
10 x The sling
10 x User’s manual
1 x USB programming cable (Support WIN7,64 Bit)


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