26″ Outdoor Camping Tactical Survival Pocket Chainsaw With Pouch | Portable Hand Saw Cuts Like A Knife | 3x Faster With CUTTING BLADE ON EVERY LINK | Bonus Front Snap Carrying Case

26″ Outdoor Camping Tactical Survival Pocket Chainsaw With Pouch | Portable Hand Saw Cuts Like A Knife | 3x Faster With CUTTING BLADE ON EVERY LINK | Bonus Front Snap Carrying Case

  • CUTTING BLADE ON EVERY SINGLE LINK – 3 Times more teeth than other saws being sold means 3 time faster cutting! The Canadian Shield portable camping saw a razor sharp cutting blade on every single link. This means that cutting through twigs, tree limbs, logs, and even trees can be done with ease! Cutting in both directions is made easy by the flexible chainsaw links. It’s EASY and FUN for anyone to enjoy.
  • PORTABLE SURVIVAL CHAINSAW – features bi-directional self-cleaning style cutting teeth, made of industrial-grade heat-treated steel, that easily tear through wood while cutting on both strokes! This reduces cutting time in half! It’s also really light weight (less than 1/2 lbs) versatile flexible compact and safe. It also comes with a convenient small belt loop pouch that can easily attach to a backpack belt or carried on its own.
  • DURABLE TOUGH POCKET SAW THAT IS MADE TO LAST – cuts through anything from thin branches to large tree trunks effortlessly! Cuts over-head branches with ease. Our saw has heavy duty ORANGE nylon handles which make it easy to spot on the ground and strong metal brackets. Re-sharpening can be easily be done with any regular 3/16 round chainsaw file
  • IMPROVED DESIGN – now has a narrow chain with Bi-Directional teeth that devour wood with every pull all day long! Weighing in at less than 1/2lbs means that it’s small enough to put in your pocket yet cuts through wood faster than traditional saws! Over 30 flexible nonbinding blades. The length of the saw chain is 26 inches. Product maintenance – prevent rusting by avoiding contact water. Simply clean with a dry cloth after using. Keep the blades sharp using standard chainsaw file.
  • ESSENTIAL EMERGENCY TOOL – This saw is perfect for Fisherman, Outdoors, Emergency gear, Bug Out Bag or an ATV and snowmobile. No need to bring along a big bulky hand saw, just clip to your belt and go! Its multipurpose design also makes it useful in many different situations including hiking, camping, tactical, emergency, survival, yard work, outdoors, and gardening. If you need a branch or tree cut down then this is for you! You can also extend the handles with paracord to reach higher limbs.


The Canadian Shield Hand Chainsaws are manufactured for the long haul and include high quality, razor sharp, heat treated carbon steel blades. The incredibly durable, and strong, nylon handles come in a highly visible orange color, ensuring that you’ll see it when you put it down. This compact and light weight saw cuts logs for firewood in seconds, and now makes a normally tedious job fun! The blade measures 26″ long which makes it the perfect length and fit for anyone to use: young, old, strong, weak…it doesn’t matter-you’re going to fly through that log like a light sabre

It’s high quality, strong, useful, durable, and could SAVE YOUR LIFE, all backed by our lifetime money back guarantee.


– 3 times the amount of cutting teeth blades of competing products
– Take it with you in your Camping and Hiking backpack, bugout bag, or Emergency Pack. It’s light and fits easily. Never be without this essential survival gear.
– Incredibly fast cutting, bi-direction blades help you waw through twigs, branches, logs, or entire trees and gather wood for the campfire super fast!
– Use at home to trim trees or prune branches with ease
– It’s ready to go right out of the box, and needs little maintenance. Sharpen with a standard 3/16″ chainsaw file.


– Cutting Teeth: 3 times more blades than other brands. A cutting blade on every single link! That means if you’ve got the muscle, it’ll rip through trees like a hot knife through butter!
– Chain Length: 26 inches
– Blade Material: heat-treated industrial grade Carbon Steel
– High visibility ORANGE nylon handles

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