12 Industrial Strength Emergency SafetyStick Glow Sticks – 6″ High Intensity 12 Hour Duration Chem Lights – White

12 Industrial Strength Emergency SafetyStick Glow Sticks – 6″ High Intensity 12 Hour Duration Chem Lights – White

  • ALWAYS BE PREPARED – These ultra bright 6 inch light sticks are a must have for any emergency preparedness kit. Perfect for survival kits, roadside emergencies, blackouts, camping, fishing, caving, SCUBA diving, and so much more! Attach them to your children or hiking partners to make sure nobody is left behind on a dark night, or hand them out to your boat passengers as an emergency locating device in the event of someone falling overboard.
  • 12+ HOUR DURATION – A long lasting and reliable 12+ hour glow duration you can count on. The last thing you want in a survival or emergency situation is to have your light source or rescue beacon dimming and going out earlier than expected. Our military grade industrial glow sticks offer an intensely bright glow that lasts for twelve hours or longer depending on temperature and conditions. One stick lasts from dusk til dawn.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE – Our chemical light sticks have been a proven shelf-life of at least two years, and can often remain functional for even longer under stable storage conditions. Our products are made to meet strict quality assurance standards and guaranteed to be fresh from the factory – not old and degraded from months of collecting dust in a warehouse or distribution center.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED – Each SafetyStick comes individually packaged in a durable and strong foil wrapper so you can feel free to spread them out between your vehicles, emergency disaster kits, boats, camping equipment, tool box, and anywhere else you might find them to be useful. No bug out bag or survival kit is complete without a reliable, battery-free light source!
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Lumistick industrial grade light sticks are completely safe and non-toxic. The tough outer shell means they’re very hard to break open but if they do, the chemicals inside can be safely cleaned up with ordinary soap and water. They are waterproof and generate lots of light with zero heat and are non-flammable.

Bright Light That Lasts All Night

Lumistick brand glow products are the best and the brightest on the market today. Your order will include one dozen (12) individually wrapped Safety Sticks in bright neon white. These individually wrapped Safety Sticks are bigger and tougher than the standard glow stick varieties, and feature a flat bottom for standing on and hook top for hanging from. Each stick comes with a string strong enough to hold up to any normal use, but also designed to break away quickly and safely when pulled hard. Perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, boating, spelunking, SCUBA, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and more. Lumistick brand glow-in-the-dark products are non-toxic, non-radioactiave, non-flammable, and in fact generate no heat at all. They work perfectly in all weather conditions or even completely submerged in deep water. They almost never break open, but if they do, the chemicals inside can be easily and safely washed off of skin and clothes using ordinary household soap or detergent.

Don’t be left in the dark or stuck fiddling with old flashlight batteries and dangerous candles during your next blackout or emergency situation! Add Lumistick Industrial Grade SafetySticks. to your cart today and be prepared for anything.


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