10,000 Natural Vegetable Seed 30 Variety Garden Pack Emergency Survival Kit Food

10,000 Natural Vegetable Seed 30 Variety Garden Pack Emergency Survival Kit Food

  • SOS packs are designed like time capsules with heavy duty mylar and an oxygen absorber.
  • Each strain is packed into a mylar bag then all 30 mylar bags are put into an even larger stand up mylar bag.
  • You can put these in your freezer and most of the strains will last 50+ years if left frozen.
  • If kept in your basement, they are viable for about 15 years. Germination decreases with time.
  • All strains are all Natural Open Pollinated NON-GMO Heirloom Varieties.

Genuine (S.O.S.) Seeds of SustenanceTM 10,200 Seed / 30 Vegetable Variety Pack

Paracord Survival Grenade EDC Kit | Ultimate Emergency (24pc) Military Grade Wilderness Prepper Gear–Camping Hiking Hunting. Moms Feel Safe! Your Kids can get Food, Fire & Shelter When Lost
Paracord Survival Grenade EDC Kit | Ultimate Emergency (24pc) Military Grade Wilderness Prepper Gear--Camping Hiking Hunting. Moms Feel Safe! Your Kids can get Food, Fire & Shelter When Lost

  • EXCEPTIONAL! – AMAZON TOP RATED #9 of 22,000,000 Products in Sports & Outdoors by verified customers. Life throws curve balls. A hurricane tornado flood or vacation accident can quickly put you or a family member in an emergency crisis situation where a fire starter, knife, fishing kit or rope can keep you alive. Now the trekking hiker, camper, rock climber, backwoods hunter or 3 day go bag prepping adventurer can make fire, food and shelter when disaster strikes or lost in the woods!
  • CRITICAL! – THIS LITTLE BEAST WILL NOT FAIL WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Other multi tools rip you off with cheap cord-they say 550 but use 350 lb or less. Our handcrafted kit uses PREMIUM 550+ pound rated military grade type III paracord (7-triple 3-ply strands or 21 total yarns) and is independently SGS LAB TESTED -documented @ 552 lbs. Coupled with a strong carabiner belt clip you’re getting the toughest and most versatile keychain tool of its kind.
  • EXCITING! (24-in-1) MAKES YOU BETTER PREPARED. DON’T BE STUCK WITH FEWER TOOLS WHEN DISASTER STRIKES! (like only basic fishing kit, firesteel rod, tinder, 2.4-in carabeaner & sharp eye knife). We stuff our kit with many extras: 10+ ft all weather mold UV resistant cord, never miss Stainless Steel flint striker, super hot Ferrocerium ferro rod fire starter, metal wire, shrimp lure, first aid sterile pad, 12×12” signal mirror /tin cooking (2) foil, sewing needle, storage bags, safety pins.
  • UNIQUE! – FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP ENSURES YOU GET THE BEST QUALITY (passes two 10-point inspections). TOUGH: Strong enough to lift two men out of a ditch. This durable 3-inch fob is a great outdoorsman multitool to have on your next hike or hunt vacation. LIGHTWEIGHT: Easily attaches to belt loop, vest, backpack, go bag. COMPACT & PORTABLE: Fits in wallet pocket of hiker backpacker hunter climber or stores in purse, rucksack, tactical pack, truck, jeep, atv. Each family member should have one.
  • TRUSTED! – WE ARE A USA SMALL BUSINESS and VOLUNTEER FIRST RESPONDER FAMILY…100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & Lifetime Warranty. If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your kit, then simply return it for a hassle-free, no questions asked refund. It’s that easy. A unique gift for the man who has everything for under . He won’t need Bear Grylls or Les Stroud fire starting skills. So click ‘add to cart’ now WHILE SUPPLIES LAST…Get yours today!

Our Motto-‘Always be prepared, PREP2GO’. “I won’t bore you with more product details. But let me tell you my story for starting my disaster preparedness company. “In 2004, I moved our family from MI to Florida, of course for the better weather. BOY were we in for a surprise! Within months of arrival, not one but TWO hurricanes named Francis/Jeanne walloped our FL home. After evacuation we were awe struck by the devastated neighborhood. Thankfully our home survived. In this great hour of need though my wife and I volunteered as non fema cert team first responders and braved Cat3-120mph winds brewing off the coast. Our house stood its ground but lost my job. We were spared…Many others weren’t. So we spent the next year doing hurricane disaster relief for free, helping neighbors rebuild their lives one roof at a time. Out of the emergency grew a vigilant drive for family safety to prep for future storms. So began my search for premium products…and so my paracord ‘grenade’ and first aid pod were born. Soon other cool everyday carry gadgets followed like our paracord keychain. Quality gift ideas & safety hacks to help you with doomsday preppers supplies for bug out bags so you’re stocked fully prepared when disasters hit.”-Owner, Tim…Who are my ‘Verified Customers’? Maverick Appalachian trail hiker camper guy, boy 13 and up,, Wild off road atv gal, Wife gifts husband; Retired usaf father to 6 kids: sons, daughter; Iraq war vet army ranger preps tactical molle vest; Travel police mom boys graduation, Weekend vacation getaway camper couple; Day trip backpacker boyfriend; Survivalist trekker trauma kit; Rock climbing woman, Off grid doomsday zombie apocalypse preppers family; Navy seal US marines semper fi backcountry step dad fisherman hunter daytrip; Vietnam veteran outdoor adventurer uncle grigri 2 belay device; Boy girl scouts of america troop leader; Girlfriend for her policeman fireman guy friend.

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